16 The Puzzle. 
Photograph courtesy of Dorothy Wilmore. Developed by the Hemsley and Brookes families, 'Packman's Puzzle' was situated at the north end of Castle Street and was part of an area known as The Lilypool. Melbourne specialised in woollen hosiery before switching to silk textiles in the 19th century. A pub known as 'The Woolpack' was sited nearby.

A small but intriguing warren of haphazard houses and factories, some of them centuries old, were centred on mid 19th century 'Drab Row'. A croft there rejoiced in the name of "Cole Robyn Thing" - an Anglo Saxon term for a land holding - and can be traced back to the 15th century.

The unplanned and crowded nature of this little world on its own, quite distinct from the areas around it, was anathema to the reforming planners of the post-war era who decided that it must be demolished during the early 1960s.
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